Waxéla Sananda


Embodiment of Ascension Frequencies

Waxéla (wa-shay-la) Sananda is an activator of Spiritual Gifts, an Ascension Trainer, and an embodiment of the Divine Light Codes.

Through the process in her international bestselling book The Love You Crave: A Course in Ascension, Alchemy, and Connection to the Divine, Waxéla guides her clients on a transformational journey of clearing limiting beliefs and transforming stagnant energy into dynamic, creative possibility. Combining her celestial abilities and shamanic training she holds space for clients to experience the embodiment of Divine Frequencies.

If you would like to apply for Waxela’s Ascension Training program, in which you receive high level activations, spiritual technologies, and mystical trainings which guide you to embody the Divine Frequencies and Create a Life of Deep Connection and Contentment,

Schedule a free 30 minute Ascension call with Waxela HERE.

Daniel Mangena is a unique and amazing being. He trains people to design their lives with intention, consciousness, and affluence.  Dan is incredibly generous, and offers an abundance of free content.

Get his free gift “3 Secrets to Becoming a Harmonious Money Magnet” here!

Dan Mangena is the Creator of Beyond Intention Paradigm, Best Seller Author of Stepping Beyond Intention, and Host of #DoitWithDan Podcast.

Dan is also the Author of From Time to Time, Dreamer’s Manifesto, and Money Game.
His mission is to spearhead an evolutionary uplift in universal consciousness by awakening people to the importance of their Unique Role already encoded within.

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