News Brief

The Alchemy of Ascension: How to Connect with yourSELF, your Soulmate, and the Divine airing February 3rd- Feb 26th 2020.

Have you experienced unexplainable synchronicities, had premonitions, mystical experiences, or picked up energy, feelings, or thoughts from people or places you have visited?

Do you sometimes feel like the only one who has these types of experiences, or that if you told people they may think you’re crazy?


The summit host, Waxela (wa shay la) Sananda will be interviewing 25 masterful spiritual teachers, who will share their knowledge and useful practices during in depth conversations. The wisdom being shared in this series will help you accelerate your ascension process, expand your intuitive abilities, and deepen your relationships.

I invite you to join this FREE summit which will give you access to:

  • Activate Your Ethereal DNA
  • Communicate with Animals, Deceased and Living
  • Release Trauma for Yourself, Your Genetic Heritage, and Your Soul Lineage
  • Live on Prana Lifeforce and gain freedom from food addiction
  • Use essential oils to activate the third eye and open the heart to gratitude
  • Experience Twin Flame Ascension
  • Use Quantum Tools and Life Hacks
  • And so much more!

Get access to this series here: [ENTER AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

About the host, Waxéla Sananda:

Waxéla (wa-shay-la) Sananda is an activator of Spiritual Gifts, an Ascension Trainer, and an embodiment of the Divine Light Codes.

As a child Waxela experienced visitations by celestial beings and downloads of energy and information, and she always felt she couldn’t talk to anyone about these experiences. Consequently, she dealt with feelings of separation and loneliness for much of her life. But in a heart activating experience she opened up and understood her mission to speak out about her mystical experiences and bring together community, so that no one has to feel alone in their Ascension process.

Through the process in her international bestselling book The Love You Crave: A Course in Ascension, Alchemy, and Connection to the Divine, Waxéla guides her clients on a transformational journey of clearing limiting beliefs and transforming stagnant energy into dynamic, creative possibility. Combining her celestial abilities and shamanic training she holds space for clients to experience the embodiment of Divine Frequencies.

If you are ready to join the summit and gain the wisdom to raise your frequency and connect more deeply, go to the website and get access now: